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Aug 29, 2014
9:02 am
Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 29, 2014
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:iconsnottybitch: a few day I am going to complete my fourth year here at dA.
It was a pretty interesting ride so far. With highs and lows, fun and bother, friends and....others :)
I found a lot of great stuff here and a lot of great people to. And I am not going to talk about the others.
So folks,
I'd like to thank those more or less 800 people who decided to watch my doings here and I want to say Thank You for almost halve a million clicks on my pictures
and for visiting my corner here more than 75K times!
And the most gratefulness I feel for those who decided to come a bit closer by giving comments and feedback and suggestions and help and inspiration and support and even friendship!
Which is the best you can get.
Thank You for that!

And while I am typing this, a large part of my "artistic mind" is busy thinking about how to proceed with my current project "Alcove" (…
What started as just a nice little sequence of funny pictures is now taking over the majority of the time, energy and effort I am able to put into creating new stuff.
Because I really started to like the ideas that raised in my mind about how that story could develop.
But I'm struggling.
I was expecting it wouldn't be easy to create that "New Home" which is mentioned in the last frame of the sequence, even though I have a pretty clear vision in mind.
But I did not expect it to be that difficult.
I've never been very good in designing complex sceneries. If it's about a little dark corner somewhere in- or outside: No problem.
But the area I have in mind now is a bit more than just the part of a dark cellar or a blurred cut-out of a dystopian outback. It is a "little world" on its own.
I don't know whether I should tell details about what I have in mind, because I don't want to spoil your viewing experience by creating too many expectations or by lowering the surprise.
Maybe that much: This "New Home" is supposed to be a place where the majority of people would say "Oh my goodness, I want to be there! Now!"
Like that.
And I know more or less exactly how it shall look and what it shall contain and how it shall feel...
But I have no fucking clue how to create it :D
I am no modeller.
Sure I sometimes glue some props together to build funny devices and sometimes I move a few polygons from here to there to make things fit, but that's it.
The past day I was walking through a LOT of marketplaces to see whether I might find some stuff that I could combine to what I need and I already had a lot of thing in shopping carts,...
but none of the stuff had satisfied my vision, so I left without buying a thing.
Of course I also checked my runtimes for buildings and rooms and areas which I already have. And some of the props and figures (like that pool area from the last few pictures I posted) will find their place in the scenery.
But the overall concept and design which is giving a frame for all that is not there yet.
I fear I have to build it myself.
I'm fancy to do so but, hell,...this will probably take a lot of time (If I do not find THE genius idea how to visually simplify the message I want to transfer with "New Home", eventually)
I am surely going to post other stuff meanwhile. But I try to not let that story die before it has grown.
So please be patient in case you're waiting for the continuation.
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Horse with no Name
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Wallis and Futuna
Hello and thank you for visiting.

Depending on your personal taste you may have a pleasant stay here,... or not.

Please be aware that I am not kidding when I am using the Mature Content Warning label
So if you belong to those who can or want to be offended by mature content you'd better leave without looking back.
Or stay and do not tell your friends.

For the others I wish they may have a fun with my stuff and I'd like to thank you in advance for any kind of feedback you may leave back from your visit.



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